a land i wish is a myth

in sixteen seconds, bang... bang, bang, bang, bang. two young breaths cold and glass-eyed. behind's a pair of teen-hands. instead of his birthday cake, with a pistol, he blows his own mind last. in sixteen seconds. another school joins an exclusive club no one dreams or wants. in sixteen seconds the sky gulps, to welcome… Continue reading a land i wish is a myth

orange veil

Steps. More steps. Pointed heels tap, tapping, Hard soles clank, clanking, against the tiled, abused floor. The invading final rays of the setting sun again entered unwelcome, between the squared gaps of the rusting wired fence. The outside world's noise, helped him in keeping me silent. Even the orange veil connived in hiding me beneath… Continue reading orange veil

The Picnic

after more than a decade of virtual hugs and late night chats, the four girlfriends have finally met again for a summer picnic. two married, one engaged, one still single, they've bonded because of one common denominator: a guy they played love with. a nerd from college who's known for his ragged blue jeans and an old-day-smelling shirt. under the hot sun with… Continue reading The Picnic

Missing Heart

An eerie blanket of silence wrapped the courtroom. The accused stood, confidently, without a trace of remorse on his rather innocence eyes. Without reading the grim report of a young married woman who went missing, then body parts being discovered one by one-- legs, arms, head-- none can even guess the suspect would be a youthful… Continue reading Missing Heart

Unsaid Adieu

The half-opened bedroom door. The mute clothes on the floor. I could’ve asked for more. Filled with the scent you left. Still reeling with the shivers you sent. Caged inside this haunted house named after you, still feeling the ghost of your unsaid adieu. — 02.14.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Unsplash… Continue reading Unsaid Adieu

Dangerous: A Deten

You have dangerous eyes. They trapped me willingly, like a lunatic lost in love and lies. Close it so I’ll see light. I don’t need rescuing, my mind can regain its own wit and fight. Alone I will be fine. Like a new butterfly flying I’ll flourish, exist on my own, all mine. — Photo… Continue reading Dangerous: A Deten

Porous: A Palette*

Pile of pans and plates all dried-dirt-kissed, beside untouched porous sponge. Dripping faucet, says tap, tap, tap. Below rusted sink mice munch, munch, munch. Blood-bathed body, lifeless eyes wide open. Silently decays, alone, badly broken. — Photo credit: Unsplash In response to OctPoWriMo 2016 by Morgan Dragonwillow‘s Day 8. --- Palette  creates a vivid word painting within a brief… Continue reading Porous: A Palette*


*A collaboration with my Queen of Sonnets,who I consider a dear friend,  Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res. Rebirth*: A Renkay** Through bright light I rise Endless night I leave behind From a corpse set free Body lays frozen As warm soul flies, awaken Is my life’s taken? Into light divine The source of life I see Death… Continue reading Rebirth*

From Darkness*

*A collaboration with my new-found pen-partner, Josslyn Turner of A Life In Transition. From Darkness Stumbling, catching breath Through forest of black Where dreams are scarce Breakaway from the static Searching, seeking light 'tween trees like beasts Death seething in the gloom Catching souls that wilt Struggling, fighting for purpose Escape from the lingering shadows Where regrets… Continue reading From Darkness*