Missing Heart

An eerie blanket of silence wrapped the courtroom. The accused stood, confidently, without a trace of remorse on his rather innocence eyes. Without reading the grim report of a young married woman who went missing, then body parts being discovered one by one-- legs, arms, head-- none can even guess the suspect would be a youthful… Continue reading Missing Heart

Word-High July:Pahimakas

Pahimakas The day you said the last goodbye felt like the end of entire I. The curse of love not returned, dawned on me like waves unnerved. Years after you said your last words, I’m still unsure if I regret, that I pulled the trigger after you confessed you love her. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading… Continue reading Word-High July:Pahimakas


After I tried living in that stinky city fogged with asthma-inducing smoke for two long years, I am finally back to my bucolic peaceful home. I regret leaving, because apparently no one noticed that I left, no one knew why I left. No one was able to figure out how I successfully chopped her into… Continue reading Homecoming