The Third Room

"Third room on your left." That’s the nurse’s dialogue whenever she sees me. Maybe I’m too handsome to be forgotten? Or do I look to old to remember anything? Her brown eyes’re watery. I recognize them--- tears of pity. Though I am not sure if those are for you, or for me. They're for us,… Continue reading The Third Room

The Amulet

The unforgiving sun bathing me with its flamed rays makes this journey even more excruciating. But I have to see her. I have to. She was adamant to go first without me, but I insisted. I want to prove her that I can walk this long path alone, with just one limb. Sore and drenched… Continue reading The Amulet

Cave Woman

Cave woman. That taunting nickname was born when I was a teenager because of my bar-hate. The tag and my bar inexperience have remained until now that I’m almost at my four-decade mark. I hate the smell of beers and alcohols, most of all, smoke. I can’t stand noise equally. Beyond these, I’ve heard and watched… Continue reading Cave Woman


I’m back home to cook lunch when I heard my girls’ delighted squeals. I missed hearing them. I never thought I’ll hear their warm giggles again after their dad left us, for no known reason. There’s no farewell nor goodbye. He just stopped coming home. I quietly went up to sneak a peak and was… Continue reading Homecoming

The Last Letter

“As long as the waves still kiss the rock-shore,  surely as I can still love you more, certain as the sun sets and rises, I promise I’ll be back, dearest.” His seven-year-old letter turned my heart as cold as the ocean breeze. I'm done hoping. I'm done believing. I crumpled his words, balled it up… Continue reading The Last Letter

With Closed Eyes

The screaming siren of arriving trains followed by whispering rushed steps and crawling human scents keep me company as I wait for her. My heart's racing like a hungry horse and the wooden bench offered no help to pacify my agonized soul. I  tried to personify her before our eyes meet today. Always, I fail.… Continue reading With Closed Eyes

Olympic Dream

An extension of my arms, that is my cello. The gift I received from my rocker parents when I was five. Ironic as it may seem, dad and mom have accepted that my inherited musical ears are not for loud drum beats but for soft, melodic classics. Since the beginning, they supported my dream---to play… Continue reading Olympic Dream

Counting Birds

Counting Birds It’s that time of the year again. Flock of little birds swing in electric ropes. Their sweet chirps signal morning’s hope. My eyes are wet again, whenever I see them. How time flies. My little girl, my first angel, learned numbers when she was barely two by counting those little singers. One… two… become sixteen… to… Continue reading Counting Birds

Book of Future

Note: This is my first try on fantasy so please forgive me. 😀 I'm not picky with books but this one’s  eerie. I hesitantly flip the metallic cover when it suddenly jumped and flew open on top of a humongous rock. Uh oh. I love words but not geometry. I am about to leave when… Continue reading Book of Future

Unseen Fall

Like a vibrant flower in full bloom, 2015 was my life’s blessed prolonged spring. We got our million-worth dream house. Most especially, we finally have our first born after five years of waiting. A blissful life season ends after the unseen 2016 fall. My husband’s an animal rights advocate. I love and hate him for… Continue reading Unseen Fall