The best of 2015

More than the number of followers, more than the number of views, it is the words from my co-bloggers that encourage me the most. - rosemawrites The first week of 2016 was over but my gratefulness for the past year has not ended yet. Today, for my 50 Days of Gratefulness' Day 35,36 and 37,… Continue reading The best of 2015

Seconds by Sheridan Johnson: A Reblog

NOTE: Seconds was ORIGINALLY written by Sheridan Johnson and originally posted in her wonderful blog Journey with the Johnsons last December 09, 2015. All copyright belongs to her. Close your eyes and imagine how many seconds are in 24 hours. How many seconds that you have, each and every given day. ♦ What if I told you that… Continue reading Seconds by Sheridan Johnson: A Reblog

Seasons: Epilogue

Note: This is the 'not-planned' fourth and last (promise) part of my short fiction series "Seasons". Please do read the first, second and third parts for better reading experience. 🙂 This epilogue is also inspired by 'Breathe Again' a song by Sara Bareilles. You can listen to it here. --- Warm wind’s blowing. Loud silence’s… Continue reading Seasons: Epilogue

Free Flow

Creative juices flowing outpouring unceasing unyielding. - I want to ask how why what when and where. - But I stop. 'Cause I don't even care. - So, go flow go show don't slow. ------ ©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Superb Wallpapers Day 5: Freedom by Impossiblebebong Freedom is a fundamental… Continue reading Free Flow

Hidden Seconds

Sitting still in a steel stool, she begs, weeps for one more second. - Endearing, exquisite enchanter, ends first cry on her life's first second. - Captured candid cheesy charade, changed by sudden death in a second. - Old oak observes ordeals, orbits of earth’s occupants’ every second’s beat. - Nervous nerves never needed, not… Continue reading Hidden Seconds

Falling: Writing 101, Day 3

slowly drifting silently sinking gradually calming million cells shouting - welcoming blackness embracing blankness letting mind rest leaving world’s mess --- ©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Link In response to Writing 101: Day 3: Sleep by Rohit Pandey Sleep: a world where our thoughts rule. A place where reality is overshadowed by dreams.… Continue reading Falling: Writing 101, Day 3

Reflected Answer: Writing 101, Day 2

Have I made the right decision to quit my former job? When articles, tasks, welcomed me like a mob. - Have I made the right choice to become a writer? When my brain cells sometimes falter? - Have I made the right turn to pursue my dreams? When the reality is not always what it… Continue reading Reflected Answer: Writing 101, Day 2

Classic Magic: Writing 101, Day 1

When your happy with a job that isn’t worthy It’s magic. - When your content with a life without your consent It’s magic. - When you wake up and each morning’s a triumph It’s magic. - When you love and you’re loved back It’s magic. - Yes, I guess, every day’s a magic, of the… Continue reading Classic Magic: Writing 101, Day 1

Beautiful – Writing 101 #13 by Melinda Kucsera: A Reblog

NOTE: Beautiful - Writing 101 #13 was ORIGINALLY written by MELINDA KUCSERA and originally posted in her blog In Media Res last November 17, 2015. All copyright belongs to her. Beautiful You’re beautiful; yes you reading these words. No matter your race or creed or color, or whether you bend your gender, these words are meant for you. For… Continue reading Beautiful – Writing 101 #13 by Melinda Kucsera: A Reblog