*A collaboration with my Queen of Sonnets,who I consider a dear friend,  Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res.

Rebirth*: A Renkay**

Through bright light I rise
Endless night I leave behind
From a corpse set free

Body lays frozen
As warm soul flies, awaken
Is my life’s taken?

Into light divine
The source of life I see
Death is a doorway

Feet leads to stairway
Towards the place for the dead,
Also for rebirth.

Mounting the risers
I ascend towards heaven
Its pearl gates call me.

P.S. Thank you, Mel, for sharing your pen with me again! It is always, always a delight! Good luck on your new book. ❤

Photo credit: Pixabay

Word Inspiration: Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies (Thank you, Sarah!)


Renkay is a shorter American variation of the Renga. It fosters developmental linking in which the poets move the poem through a theme. It allows for linking of previously written haiku, unlike the renga’s spontaneity.

Renkay is:

  • usually communal, written by more than one poet. (It can also be written by just one poet.) The change of poet can either be indicated by initials to the side of the stanza or in this day of computers, by italics or change of font.
  • stanzaic, 5 linked tercets.
  • syllabic, each stanza is 17 syllables or less, usually written in 3 lines of short-long-short pattern of the haiku, sort of.
  • composed around a common theme.
  • often composed with a senyru as the final stanza.

27 thoughts on “Rebirth*”

  1. Wow, this verses reaches out to take hold of us. The wonderfully exploding sky (that is the image) is a promise fulfilled in the spirit-propelled (soul-propelled) stanzas. A feast of life–afterlife, divinity! Thank you, Rosema and Mel!

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