yours (a zejel)

My written words are now sweeter. My sword sharper, my soul softer. Your love made me better, braver. Aboard the Himalayan air, you trekked slowly near my heart’s chair, braving love’s daunting, unmapped lair. I felt your presence crawl nearer. With tongue with none but honesty, you brought not roses, sugary, instead rhododendrons, spicy. I… Continue reading yours (a zejel)

f r o z e n f i r e

Himalayan mountains whisper their almost zero degree breeze, the choral of crickets sings their nightly lullaby, the rare blue blood moon leaks its silent yet shining beams, under layers of thick fabric, behind the speechless, wooden door, we set the frozen world on fire. — 03.13.2018 ©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash In response… Continue reading f r o z e n f i r e

W i n t e r G r e y

Dressed in winter grey, the fading evening slowly makes way for the still sleepy, Himalayan sun. Rising to kiss the sneaking peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Kabru, the first morning rays gently open my eyelids to show the gem beside me. He wears a thick jacket, buried under our comforting, shared blanket. His arms… Continue reading W i n t e r G r e y

Flower and the Bee (Part 2)

sharing the second part of my duet with the bestie, Shubhodeep Roy.  i am the flower and he is the bee. the part 1 is here. my bee, that kiss was sweeter than honey, brimming with love, i'd choose it ceaselessly. but after you let go, I saw the look in your eyes, gazing at another… Continue reading Flower and the Bee (Part 2)

Not Forgetful

Her eyes on the slow, old tram coming. Her hands inside the bag, checking the cold office keys, the leather notepad, the tattered coin purse, the thin phone, her essentials. Lucky day, no forgotten items today. Her ride to the office is about to arrive when a familiar face crossed her peripheral view. He has aged,… Continue reading Not Forgetful

Flower and the Bee (Part 1)

let me introduce you, my dear friends, to the amazing man i knew from Instagram. the epic photographer (go check his Instagram), a talented music producer and songwriter (go check his website), a budding amazing writer (yep. i am a fan and he is now on WordPress!), and my far away bestfriend, Shubhodeep Roy. 🙂 below is the… Continue reading Flower and the Bee (Part 1)

NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order: Between My Bleeding Lines Kindle Edition

To celebrate the first month of my baby Between My Bleeding Lines, I am excited to announce that its Kindle Edition will be out on June 10 and is now available for pre-orders here.  I understand shipping costs and the book's cost can be too pricey so here is an ebook which is more pocket-friendly. 😉 — Between… Continue reading NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order: Between My Bleeding Lines Kindle Edition

Forest Orchestra

the sweet tweets of the birds, the crisp cracks of dried twigs, the whispered whistles of the wind, the sounds of the forest orchestra. oh, surreal and soothing flora and fauna. yet they can't calm me like how your heartbeats' thump, thump, thump can. --- 05.23.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash… Continue reading Forest Orchestra

Between My Bleeding Lines Now LIVE in Amazon!

My baby is here! Between My Bleeding Lines is now available in Amazon and Createspace! Please see the following links: — Between My Bleeding Lines is a collection of 100 free verse poems about love, loss, and finding yourself in the process. The art of loving, the pain of… Continue reading Between My Bleeding Lines Now LIVE in Amazon!