Dangerous: A Deten

You have dangerous eyes. They trapped me willingly, like a lunatic lost in love and lies. Close it so I’ll see light. I don’t need rescuing, my mind can regain its own wit and fight. Alone I will be fine. Like a new butterfly flying I’ll flourish, exist on my own, all mine. — Photo… Continue reading Dangerous: A Deten


Disenthral: A Deten* I’ve lived so happily inside your own dark world, without a desire to be freed really. I did tried to break free against your harsh brute words but I failed like a wilted seed, badly. Mind lead weak heart fin’lly, they fought for my own worth and burned your spell like a… Continue reading Disenthral

Moon’s Song

Moon's Song: A Deten* Evening is the best part of a long tiring day, tucked in soft bed, cuddling, snuggling, heart’s half. Moon beams, smiling, gleaning, watching married soul’s pray no noise can bother, even scream, nothing. Lost ‘tween twinkling bright stars and dark night’s peaceful bay, erasing deep yesterday scars, new day. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A… Continue reading Moon’s Song