a land i wish is a myth

in sixteen seconds,

bang, bang, bang, bang.

two young breaths
cold and glass-eyed.

behind’s a pair
of teen-hands.

instead of his
birthday cake,
with a pistol, he
blows his own
mind last.

in sixteen seconds.
another school joins
an exclusive club
no one dreams or wants.

in sixteen seconds
the sky gulps,
to welcome
another batch
of tender buds

brutally picked off
from earth’s

bullet land.

©2019 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by  Unsplash
For 2019 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14 and for dVerse OLN.
My heart breaks:
Two teens are dead after a 16-year-old gunman shot 5 classmates and himself in 16 seconds, cops say

33 thoughts on “a land i wish is a myth”

  1. Sadly, this is timely. Another horror.
    “the sky gulps,
    to welcome
    another batch
    of tender buds
    brutally picked off
    from earth’s
    bullet land.’

    My friend was telling me the other day, she took her grandchild shopping for shoes….elementary school age. The grandmother picked out a pair of those sneakers that when you move, they flash lights on them. The child says No grandma….I can’t wear those. I’d be afraid. When asked why, the child says if a shooter comes to our school and I move, he would find me.

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    1. Oh. Oh my. 😦 I got goosebumps. They are so young and innocent but these frequent horrors is training them to watch out for themselves. People of power, look how you’re making of these kids. 😦


  2. I timed reading your poem – it can be read in sixteen seconds and it sounds like bullets. I live in a world where guns are not commonplace and I have a fear of all kinds of weapons. They shouldn’t exist, we don’t need them. Your poem sums this up so well. The main question is, why do they do it? Could it be that the world is so awful, they have no hope?

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