From Darkness*


*A collaboration with my new-found pen-partner, Josslyn Turner of A Life In Transition.

From Darkness

Stumbling, catching breath
Through forest of black
Where dreams are scarce
Breakaway from the static

Searching, seeking light
‘tween trees like beasts
Death seething in the gloom
Catching souls that wilt

Struggling, fighting for purpose
Escape from the lingering shadows
Where regrets are abundant
The light above awaits

Climbing, rushing towards light
Away from a thousand broken promises
Inside the brightness of heaven
Beating heart’s now even.

Following the whispers of the wind
Toward a life anew
Heaven can wait another day
My time is here and now.

Photo Credit: Ariel Ophelia

48 thoughts on “From Darkness*”

  1. Beautiful collaberation. I always love the truth of darkness and light overcoming it, in any form, whether that’s horrible trees holding you caught by regret, and the sunlight merely shining through, or some other way to show this. And in the end I think you are both right we need to live in the here and now, heaven will come in time enough. Mean while we have light to guide.

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  2. From darkness into light that is the here and now. The overwhelming language of the dark–the forest and the “beasts” and all the intense struggling–led me to think we were going to stay there, as if imprisoned. But by the end we are free. Yay! This is a first-rate collaboration. My thanks to you both!

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  3. Oh wow.. this took me deep into the woods. Stumbling, searching, struggling, climbing then finally following the light the guides the way. Poignantly written, you two~! ❤

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      1. As I have stated, (I guess many times), I just love reading your posts, dear.. So, I need to thank you for writing such lovely posts 😘 ❤

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