snowdrops and broken hearts: a monorhyme*

Pluck one, and then two,
hold those tears, though true,
“He loves you not.” Chew

perished juice— his rue.
Pluck three, four, five. Phew.
Let him go. Adieu.

Enough of flower’s woo,
your chapter is through.
Spit the seed ‘side you.

Beside your window’s view,
sink yesterday’s blue,
water with hope’s brew.

Wait for spring’s hue
where snowdrops grew.
Pluck not, rebirthed. New…

©2019 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Urban Prah on Unsplash
For dVerse Poetics: Sylvia and Ted.
The challenge is to write a poem in the format and style of either Plath or Hughes. It must be about something that grows or multiplies and is in some way invasive.
I picked Plath’s format: Plath’s lines are very short, with nearly every line consisting of five syllables; Plath’s poem is arguably feminine in tone.
I also used the monorhyme format – which means all lines are rhyming. 🙂

From Darkness*


*A collaboration with my new-found pen-partner, Josslyn Turner of A Life In Transition.

From Darkness

Stumbling, catching breath
Through forest of black
Where dreams are scarce
Breakaway from the static

Searching, seeking light
‘tween trees like beasts
Death seething in the gloom
Catching souls that wilt

Struggling, fighting for purpose
Escape from the lingering shadows
Where regrets are abundant
The light above awaits

Climbing, rushing towards light
Away from a thousand broken promises
Inside the brightness of heaven
Beating heart’s now even.

Following the whispers of the wind
Toward a life anew
Heaven can wait another day
My time is here and now.

Photo Credit: Ariel Ophelia