Tonight’s Shadow

Under the velvet sky glowing with the shadow of the moon, trickled with on and off star sparks, our feet in one rhythm traveled through time-- of how we started, of how we loved, and eventually, of how we'll end. This night could have been a romantic one, if only goodbye will not be our… Continue reading Tonight’s Shadow

Elegy of Us

we will soon be nothing but a fading memory made of warm forehead kisses filled with innocence, tight hand-in-hand walks oblivious to world's mess, comforting hugs on toughest turns of time, loud to soft exchanges of angry then sweet rhymes, endearing utterance of names turning them into songs, pregnant tears shed when for the first… Continue reading Elegy of Us

Stairs to Moving Forward

tears be the balm of the badly bruised, beating heart. faith be the calm of the noisy, full of fear mind. hope be the song of the silenced, hunched, inner hole. Him be the strong of the weak surrendering, soul. — 04.03.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash — In response to Napowrimo Day… Continue reading Stairs to Moving Forward

Sunday Songs: Stars in the Sky The clouds will rain The seasons change (Cause You told them to) The sun will shine Your burning light (Cause You told it to) When You speak your words through my soul So I know it's true You're in control In control In control The stars in the sky will hang there 'til You… Continue reading Sunday Songs: Stars in the Sky

Freeing the Criminal

Freeing the Criminal (Inspired by Criminal by Fiona Apple) You’re the criminal who has been jailed inside my heart. Locked with ball and chain, I’ve kept you hidden inside. I thought keeping you will make me blissful and glad. Nope. I’m just like a lone warrior waging a foolish fight. So come out now, my prisoner.… Continue reading Freeing the Criminal

Gorgeous Art

Gorgeous Art (Inspired by Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles) Cruel mind still carries all our shared memories. Ironically, t’was not able to detect the fallacy buried between your lying lines. Thankfully, I have a scarred yet dauntless heart which made your betrayal a gorgeous art. — 10.24.2016 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo… Continue reading Gorgeous Art