Sunday Songs: Stars in the Sky

The clouds will rain
The seasons change
(Cause You told them to)
The sun will shine
Your burning light
(Cause You told it to)
When You speak your words through my soul
So I know it’s true
You’re in control
In control
In control

The stars in the sky will hang there
’til You tell them to
The faith in my heart will still sing
Of what Your love can do
And even when life weighs heavy on me
I know You’re in control
And You’re all I need
The stars in the sky will hang there
’til You tell them to

Last week was a major life-turning week for me. I was badly sick, physically, emotionally. It is a turmoil. A catastrophic week.

But as I regain my health, now comes the agony, the fear. If the decision I made was right. I was brave when I said the final goodbye, but now I am afraid of the pain that will come with the coming days.

But then, He is in control. He holds the stars. He controls the moon and the sun. He is enough to comfort my weary heart. He is enough. ❤

Have a blessed week, everyone!
This is my second Sunday Songs with my dearest sister Stella.❤ Join us?🙂
Video courtesy of Youtube.🙂

Music’s Beat: Moved by Kari Jobe’s Always Enough

These past two weeks have been a rough 14 days for me. Last week, my dad suffered a mild heat stroke. The acute attack left his left body numb. During his check-up, the doctor advised him to undergo a CT scan. That is a process used to check if there is damage in his brain and its nerves. Last Saturday, we got the result of the test and thank God, it was negative. His brain is fine. My father is fine.

The news was delivered by my mom through text; I was at an event with my super close college professor and now my news editor in a local newspaper, Sir Dino. We had a very brief talk. Sir Dino asked how I am as a reply, I just smiled. Early Monday morning, I received a text message from Sir Dino’s current student and intern. It carried the bad news. Sir Dino’s not fine. My father in journalism is dead.

Life’s really ironic. One day, you’re on cloud nine. You cannot contain your happiness. You can’t stop thanking God. The next day, you’re doomed. You cannot hold your grief. You can’t understand God.

Last week, I downloaded a few tracks from  Kari Jobe’s Majestic album. Before all the mentioned events happened, I was struck by her new song, Always Enough . Now, I realized why.


Despite and in spite of what’s happening I just need to ‘lift my hand to the highest of all’ and ‘draw near’ to him. I need to ‘surrender my life’ to his promise because He is faithful. I need to trust.

No one and nothing else will be enough for me except Him. For He ‘alone will satisfy’, because ‘there is no other.

In the middle of daze or grief, ‘I will find my life in him’. I have learned that sometimes you don’t need to understand God. You just have to believe.

When you have gained or have lost, he is ‘always enough’.  He remains enough.

And in whatever situation I am, I will ‘let the fullness of Your love, be all I need, all I need.’

The RHEMA Word:

“If I have You, I have everything. But without You, I have nothing.”