with the God-painted twilight, i smiled as i wait for you, my light. i still don't have your name, i still don't have your face, but our story will not be a game neither a fading phase. the love we'll share will be true, someday we'll be one not two, darling, i am waiting for… Continue reading Waiting


I whispered for her to come out but inside her hardened shell she whispered "wait up". And so I stayed until she sees the waiting world, then today after some wiggly wobbles wiggly wobbles, I watched her grand entrance like a morning sun being birth by beautiful dawn. Flaunting her delicate gown I knew she needs no crown.… Continue reading Winged-Queen

Elegy of Us

we will soon be nothing but a fading memory made of warm forehead kisses filled with innocence, tight hand-in-hand walks oblivious to world's mess, comforting hugs on toughest turns of time, loud to soft exchanges of angry then sweet rhymes, endearing utterance of names turning them into songs, pregnant tears shed when for the first… Continue reading Elegy of Us

Stairs to Moving Forward

tears be the balm of the badly bruised, beating heart. faith be the calm of the noisy, full of fear mind. hope be the song of the silenced, hunched, inner hole. Him be the strong of the weak surrendering, soul. — 04.03.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash — In response to Napowrimo Day… Continue reading Stairs to Moving Forward