Heart’s Voice*


Let your words
say nothing but thanks.
Let your heart
beats nothing but love.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Mayur Gala

In response to Daily Post: Voice

*My heart is currently badly broken by the death of Courageous Caitie. She is a 3-year old Filipina who has been diagnosed with a very rare type of blood cancer. Her family flew from the Philippines to Singapore to have a concrete diagnosis, as no local doctors were able to identify her illness.

I have been following her story. Her parents’ faith is admirable amid the pain they are going through. But above all, I am in awe of Caitie’s courage. She is tough for a three-year old kid.

Now ,she is on God’s loving arms. No more pain. But my heart is still breaking, especially for her mom.

I can never grasp how painful it is to lose a kid you have reared for nine months. I can never ever understand that.

All I can offer now is prayers.

Please offer some for them, too?

Thank you!


50 thoughts on “Heart’s Voice*”

  1. This is sad and painful. I cannot understand it either. I pray for the little girl’s safe passage and for strength to the family. May God bless her soul

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      1. Aren’t you sweet, my dear dear girl! Your affectionwarms my heart. And although I will not be able to see the tulips with these eyes, I see the tulips in your heart. And you just inspired to write something now. Much love to you ❤


      2. I looove love love to be you dear girl, Nandita. 😀

        And… what do you mean by this? “And although I will not be able to see the tulips with these eyes, I see the tulips in your heart.”

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      3. My dear girl, I mean I will not be able to go to Srinagar to see the tulips but your love and affection warms me so much that I saw those tulips through your eyes. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. ❤

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      4. Yes, it’s quite far from where I live. And my schedules don’t allow me to travel there anytime soon. So I’ll miss the blooms. 😦
        ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. There is poetry in the verse and everything else you say. I will offer prayers along with many others praying. Caitie’s death is awful, just as her family’s faith is admirable. Thank you for telling us and asking us to lay a blanket or prayer over everyone.


    1. Yeah. That is true. I heard from someone, a survival trainee, that the natural cycle of death is that father dies first, then the mom, then the kids. That’s why accepting child’s death is just beyond any pain.

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  3. That’s a heartbreaking story. You see real courage and strength, when a 3-year-old can battle with cancer. I think though she is in the best place she can be now, God called her home at exactly the right time, even though it pains her family. 🙏🏻

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