A Mother’s Heart

I almost dropped the two full paper bags when I saw the familiar blue car parked in front of our home. So they are back after a month. Seated in front of my husband, my daughter and her rugged boyfriend sat in full-of-fear silence. I walked in without looking at them. I might not be able… Continue reading A Mother’s Heart

Morning View

Awakened by the loud jeers, cheers of the playing boys outside, I slowly went out of bed. He’s standing just outside our bedroom door staring, waiting for me. He offered his hands with a weak smile. I smiled back and took his hand to his surprise. Outside, I gripped his hands tighter as my eyes… Continue reading Morning View

Word-High July: Kinaadman

Kinaadman Her knowledge isn’t from four corners of a school room. Her wise words are from her mistakes, she hopes will be her child’s boon. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer Photo credit: BuzzFeed, Unsplash In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Day 25 – Kinaadman.

A Mother’s Wish

In this light-less blood-filled room, my screaming thoughts escape my head, my stubborn heart’s beating, I wish I was dead. I wish to smell your innocent scent. Experts say newborn's fragrance is like drugs. I wish to be high on you, even once. I wish to feel the softness of your skin. They say your… Continue reading A Mother’s Wish

First Forever (A Repost)

First princess for them, that’s me. First forever that’s them, for me. I am a champion among millions of racers. They are conquerors of life’s stumbling glaciers. I am a dreamer chasing high goals. They’re the cheerleaders who push me to brawl. I will marry and have family someday. But surely they will be with… Continue reading First Forever (A Repost)

The Colours of the Flag

Surrounded by bright almost blinding camera flashes, carpet as red as fresh human blood, bodies in ensemble more expensive than my house, I felt overwhelmed and lost at the same time. I am an indie actress with a promising film nominated in Cannes Film Festival. This is big. Bigger than my dreams as a kid. As the… Continue reading The Colours of the Flag

Beneath the Mango Tree

Beneath the Mango Tree: A Spoon River Verse* My heart hasn’t beaten, lungs didn’t breathe even. No one knows my fragile body was laid beneath the mango tree, behind a house that’s shabby, where she lived--- my unknown mommy. It was war time when she was raped, a faceless man brought her early grave. In… Continue reading Beneath the Mango Tree

Special Child

Special Child I am used to kids with autism being called ‘special’ until I have given birth to one. Since then, I hated that term. I gradually figured out they call kids with autism special to sugarcoat the word abnormal. My son isn’t normal. I’m fine with that. No sugarcoat needed. He can only say… Continue reading Special Child

Dying, Darling

Dying, Darling: A Monorhyme* As I lay dying I'll be rememb'ring... Your tired hands so caring, sharp words yet encouraging, big round eyes yet endearing, non-singer voice yet calming. Most of all as I lay dying, my soul will be smiling, with the faith it is carrying, the best heirloom from you, mother darling. — ©2016… Continue reading Dying, Darling

Mother’s Choices: Two Kimo*

Mother’s Choices: Two Kimo* (A poem for the strongest woman I call Nanay) She gave birth to a baby she called Rose. Loving beyond borders, walls. She somehow made the right choice. Miles from home she ran with the man she loves. Her beating heart overruled. Her innocence captured. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All… Continue reading Mother’s Choices: Two Kimo*