Top 10 Wise Words from ‘STUPID IS FOREVER’ by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Top 10.jpg Because Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago is packed with humour and words of wisdom, I would like to share to you my Top 10 Wise Words from this witty and intelligent book.

1. On Originality and enemies:

“Of course, I make no claim to originality in this compilation of my epigrams. My supporters find them funny, and my enemies presumably find them revolting. That’s because those villains are hardwired only for self-adulation.”

(This is part of the book’s foreword. A hard-hitting beginner right?)

2. On sugar’s sweetness:

(“If you are the sugar, then I am the sago. I am worth nothing if I don’t have your sweetness.”                 Actually the Tagalog version sounds better, and funnier!)

3. On love and belly fats:

“Ang pagmamahal ko sa’yo ay parang bilbil, pilit ko mang tinatago pero halata pa rin!”

(“My love for you is like my belly fats, I tried hiding it but it still shows.”)

4. On being a teacher:

“A true teacher does not terrorize ignorant students, because a true teacher knows that it is his job to cure ignorance.”

A resounding truth.

5. On her sexiness:

Miriam Defensor Santiago

(“I’m not really fat. In fact, I’m so sexy it overflows.” That’s self-confidence girls!)

6. On life’s template:

“There is no template for the meaning of life. Instead, the meaning of life is what you choose to make it.”

Take full responsibilities with yours guys.

7. On corrupt conscience:

Ironic but true.

8. On politicians’ ultimate fear:


Exactly. Indeed.

9.  On future and dreams:

Nothing matters more to the future of this nation than to ensure that our young women and men learn to believe in themselves and to believe in their dream.

Wise words. Indeed.

10. On her battle with big ‘C’:


Bravery. At. Its. Best.

Philippines is indeed a humble country, plagued with corruptions but blessed with ‘few’ wise minds.



6 thoughts on “Top 10 Wise Words from ‘STUPID IS FOREVER’ by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago”

  1. Gosh, I love this woman. Hahah. Aside from the obvious wits, she’s an outstanding political persona! No. 8 is my favorite quote in this list.

    Liked by 1 person

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