blanket and shame (a dizain*)

Still wrapped in blanket of soft innocence, like a butterfly fresh from its cocoon, a young breath given too short existence by evil desire of a maniac goon. A lifeless, cold shell wimps a wordless croon. An animal act, perhaps it is not, for mammals, reptiles, these kingdoms just ought to kill to survive. But… Continue reading blanket and shame (a dizain*)

patawad, Pilipinas (forgive me, Philippines)

Patawad, Pilipinas Hindi ako makakaboto bukas. Ang mga paa ko’y nakaapak sa isang malayong landas. Kumakayod para sa pamilyang hugutan ng lakas. Subalit, Pilipinas, dinig ko ang iyong hikbi. Umiiyak din ang aking puso, na para bang ako’y sawi sa nakikitang mga pangalang sa malamang ay magwawagi. Oo, Pilipinas, mahina ako sa Filipino. Sa simpleng… Continue reading patawad, Pilipinas (forgive me, Philippines)

m y c a r r i e r

Elevated eyes can see the throngs of the wheeled machines this morning. Like row of soldiers, though not marching nor moving under the 9 a.m. sun burning. Feet need not to tiptoe to see the jeepneys, cars, and buses, wearing the colors of the vibrant Philippines, yet tainted with the grey blanket of Manila's dust… Continue reading m y c a r r i e r

Damp Box

The box made of thin tree-meat walls, closed by a curtain door, sealed with hole-filled, rusted roof, again sinks under the merciless river overflow, yet the eight hearts it has been carrying will remain afloat— with warm love, with fearless faith, with ceaseless hope. — 08.14.2018 ©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash… Continue reading Damp Box

foggy borders

splat! goes the blood and some threads of bleeding muscles from his back to the waiting concrete wall. bang! goes the bullet as cold as the heart who pulled the trigger to put the 17-year-old to his final, breathless sleep. no more! goes some mouths to condemn the brutal purging and killing and planting of… Continue reading foggy borders

booms and bangs

boom! crumbles the church the city prayed. bang! rings the house of an old friend. boom! explodes a truck, bodies sprayed. bang! runs peace, hope, in a rushed parade. between the booms, bangs i plead above let this bad dream be cursed and damned. — This is a fictional poem inspired by the still unending… Continue reading booms and bangs

City’s Chaos

My ears hate the scandalous honking cars and buses. My eyes are hurt by the sight of children sleeping beside roads and under bridges. My nose are irate with the stinky smell of cigarette and engine smoke. My tongue can taste the bitterness this city’s chaos spoke. Yet my skin can feel the powerful tingle of… Continue reading City’s Chaos

Word-High July: Welcome!

July is right on our door steps and it'll enter with Word-High July! Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and I are more than excited to read your takes on the 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. To welcome you all, let me introduce everyone to everyone (okay, I am not sure if I made any sense. :D). Hmm. Here… Continue reading Word-High July: Welcome!

Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Much like the colors of the skies, every language is beautiful in its own way—the way they sound and how each word fits perfectly in a poem, a story, or a musical piece. And sometimes we find ourselves wishing how delightful it would be if we could learn those languages by heart and use them… Continue reading Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words