the definition of home

He walks ahead of me with his old rucksack and a carton box he asked from a store owner politely. A couple, giggling in front of him, stopped laughing to cross the road, perhaps afraid of his dirt-filled skin. I trace his steps under the faint moonglow not to say a shy hello, but to murmur… Continue reading the definition of home


Looking around this strange new foreign land, I saw a world that's unknown. Hoping and praying, a better life would be sown. I don't have legal documents, only my passport. That's why I fear the word deport.  Resisting my heart's aching and racing, insisting this is a leap worth taking, I brush off my tears… Continue reading OFW

Writing 101: Concrete Jungle

Honks. Murmurs. Smokes. Rushed steps. Breathe in. Breathe out. “This is it,” I said as I try to calm my nerves. One step, and another, then another. I can vividly hear my new stilettos’ sound against the solid sidewalk. I can clearly see the busy road. Everyone’s rushing. Cars, humans and even stray animals, they… Continue reading Writing 101: Concrete Jungle