Special Child

Special Child I am used to kids with autism being called ‘special’ until I have given birth to one. Since then, I hated that term. I gradually figured out they call kids with autism special to sugarcoat the word abnormal. My son isn’t normal. I’m fine with that. No sugarcoat needed. He can only say… Continue reading Special Child

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova: A Review and A Reading Challenge Update

We have pills for headaches. We have antidepressants for sadness. We have God for believers.We have nothing for autism. - Lisa Genova, Love Anthony I know I am in love with a story if: It affected me personally. It left me haunted. It gave me book hangover I can’t brush off and I want to know the… Continue reading Love Anthony by Lisa Genova: A Review and A Reading Challenge Update

Numbered Mind

Three is my favourite number. But after that candle-incident, it’s now four. There are four candles in my cake. Mom and Dad want me to blow them all. I didn’t. Mom shouted, but not at me. She cried, wailed on the floor while I group the pasta strands in three, silently. She went inside their room then… Continue reading Numbered Mind