Book Review: The Crown (The Selection, #5) by Kiera Cass

“Maybe it’s not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it’s the last ones.” — Kiera Cass, The Crown (The Selection, #5) 34th – A book based on fairytale – The Crown (The Selection, #5) by Kiera Cass Rating:  (Good read) What is it about: When Eadlyn became the first princess of Illéa to […]

Book of Future

Note: This is my first try on fantasy so please forgive me. 😀 I’m not picky with books but this one’s  eerie. I hesitantly flip the metallic cover when it suddenly jumped and flew open on top of a humongous rock. Uh oh. I love words but not geometry. I am about to leave when […]

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova: A Review and A Reading Challenge Update

We have pills for headaches. We have antidepressants for sadness. We have God for believers.We have nothing for autism. – Lisa Genova, Love Anthony I know I am in love with a story if: It affected me personally. It left me haunted. It gave me book hangover I can’t brush off and I want to know the […]

2015 Reading Challenge: A book you we’re supposed to read in school (39th)

“What do we call visible light? We call it color. But the electromagnetic spectrum runs to zero in one direction and infinity in the other, so really, children, mathematically, all of light is invisible.” ― Anthony Doerr After almost two weeks of reading at night, I can now finally post an update for the PopSugar 2015 Reading […]

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

“To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect.” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility I wish and I, with full hope, expect that today’s list would be a reality! (cross fingers) The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday today is: October 20: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me […]

2015 Reading Challenge Update: A book you own but have never read (38th)

“Everything’s a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.” – Nicola Yoon A book you own but have never read (38th) – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen […]

TAGGED: ‘Would You Rather’ Tag

First of all, I would like to thank Aira of airareads for tagging me in this ‘Would you rather Tag’. I am sure that this will be fun. Yeah, I’m giddy. 😀 So here it goes… Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? Oh I actually preferred standalones. Why? Because I’ve been […]

BOOK READS: A Review of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon

A short but sweet read, that is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. My first encounter with Mark Haddon‘s storytelling is surprising. Just when I though that this book, with a very looong title, would be a crime mystery it appears it is not. Christopher John Francis Boone is the exceptionally intelligent young man who have written the […]

BOOK READS: A Review of Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

When you look at the other side of the coin, Paulo Coelho’s writing style is a bit boring because it talks about the realities of life. There are no supernatural characters; there is no dystopian type of settings, there is no thrilling crime to be solved. The novel is straight to the point and realistic.

BOOK READS: A Review of ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman

  If I Stay by Gayle Forman has been on my bookshelf for sometime before I finally read it. I must admit that it was the movie trailer that got me interested in this book but after I have read some reviews that If I Stay has ‘The-Fault-In-Our-Stars-like’ theme it took me sometime to decide whether to […]