Forest Orchestra

the sweet tweets of the birds,
the crisp cracks of dried twigs,
the whispered whistles of the wind,
the sounds of the forest orchestra.
oh, surreal and soothing
flora and fauna.

yet they can’t calm me like
how your heartbeats’

©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to Sound Off! dVerse Quadrille #33 by Victoria C. Slotto.
I have a sound (adjective) reason for sharing this with you today and ask you now to use the word SOUND in a poem, following the very fun Quadrille form, a poem that soundly (adverb) embraces exactly 44 words, excluding the title. Check out the dictionary. I found a plethora of ways to sound-off. Maybe you will even want to play with assonance, consonance or one of the many ways that sound adds beauty, texture or feeling to a poem.


My debut book Between My Bleeding Lines is now available on Amazon and Createspace! Please see the following links:

Thank you! ❤



44 thoughts on “Forest Orchestra”

  1. Aww, the first part is so soothing and then the second part is even more so ❤️❤️ Welcome back. You’re here after a long time 😘😘

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      1. Ahhh!!! Huge congratulations to you, Rosema! I’m so proud of you, truly! 😀 *checking it out now*
        Aw, I’m doing well; thanks for asking! < Still can't believe here we are, after all these months! :-*

        Liked by 1 person

      1. A pleasure Rosema. I am savouring the book slowly. Enjoying what I have read so far. I plan to do a feature in a few weeks in my Hangout Thursdays and will mention the book, if that is okay with you.

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  2. You had me with the title! And then the shift to the loved one’s heart beat, like when you lie your head upon their chest and seek comfort not only in the body warmth but the sound.

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  3. Love of nature combined with the love of the other is sublime. Wonderful feel to your words, Rosema. ❤ By the way, I love the cover of your book. Good-luck with that!

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