Crossing Continents

we agreed to
dig and dig,
down under where
the worms and seeds
sleep and sleep.

for at the middle
of this continental-crossing
we promise to
fin’lly meet.

let’s say pardon
to the roots our
shovels will
step on.

let’s say bye
to the above earth
we’ll forget as we
move on.

for we will meet
beyond borders
of the map.

for we will live
away from hate,
yes, towards love.

©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to Underground by paul scribbles.
Bring me a poem from your underground travels and haul it back to the surface for us all to read. Happy writing.

52 thoughts on “Crossing Continents”

  1. Love the sentiment of this…….sometimes it does feel like it is soooo hard to get away from the cynicism, hate, all the bad news and violence….feels like I want to get a shovel and dig my way out of all this muck. And to dig beyond borders for love….ah that is the ultimate! Welll done.

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  2. Sounds as if you’re moving to Coober-Pedy in South Australia … the opal-mining city where homes, churches, pubs, libraries, etc. are all underground. I don’t know if they’ve escaped the madness or not, however. Good read!

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  3. Oh yes! Let’s dig tunnels from each end and we can meet there too ❤️❤️ No borders or any such thing, just lots of happiness and joy and love and peace…. Sigh! Someday

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  4. This is and always going to be one of my most favourite poems. Close to the heart this is. Your words have always touched the soul. And they make you think long after you have finished reading

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      1. Sorry to hear that you were sick Rosema. I hope you are much better now. I have been well, busy and trying to adapt to the change in climate as the winter here in the south is approaching. Thank you for asking.
        🙂 ❤

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