Abandonment: An Aubade

Smiling sun always arrive
with the hope of a better life.

Maybe we are the only exception.
The poor ones inside a rich legion.

Dark nights are definitely ours,
but mornings restart our hearts’ wars.

Once the sun rays start to shine,
they remind me you are not mine.

Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to OctPoWriMo 2016 by Morgan Dragonwillow‘s Day 26.

Aubade (dawn song) is a love poem, specifically the parting of lovers at dawn. Conflict between love and responsibility is at the center of this poetic genre.

This genre dates back to 12th century France and is the counterpart to a secular Evensong, Serena or Serenade.. The name Alba comes from the medieval watchman’s cry “alba” announcing the passing of the night and return of day. The early Occitan troubadour poems ended each stanza with the word.

The Alba or Aubade is:

  • a love poem, most often mourning the parting of lovers while extolling the coming day.
  • constructed at the discretion of the poet, length, stanzaic form, meter and or rhyme. although often a smattering of rhyme is present without any particular rhyme scheme.
  • dramatic since it is often dialogue between the parting lovers or coming from a cuckold husband or a watchman’ warning. Sometimes dialogue is silent, expressed in images.

49 thoughts on “Abandonment: An Aubade”

  1. Such a sad last line. Perhaps, in the night the darkness is easier to hide feelings in? I think with dawn comes “the new” and “change.” New things in life are never easy, the require pain, all change does. But often. It’s for the better. Beautiful.

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