All of my Days

And my eyes they look unto You always
And I am captured by Your Majesty

All of my days
I will sing of Your greatness
All of my days
I will speak of Your grace
All of my days
I will tell of Your wonderous love
Your love in my life
Your love

Lyrics from Hillsong United’s praise song ‘All of my Days

All copyright belongs to Hillsong United

Photo credit: Tobendlight

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


28 thoughts on “All of my Days”

  1. From my heart I’m very grateful that I ever come across you and your blog. You don’t know how much I have learnt from you. Being that I am science based, I have learnt so many literary lessons from you because I just like writing. I know I actually have what it takes to be a good writer and I’m working on 3 major writing projects. On blogging I’m really new so I’m learning on how to make the blog interface look good first before I plunge in.This is the reason I couldn’t do the “writing 101 course ” I’m thrilled you know Jesus. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow. I am speechless… I never knew my random posts have inspired readers like you. I am really really really glad to read your words.
      Good luck on your blog and on your writing projects. 🙂 God bless!


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