Doll Shoes

I hate walks, especially long walks. But a recent experience pushed my ever meaty legs to the limit. If you will ask me, I would never want to go trekking simply because my chunky legs and thighs are not build for such rigorous activity. (Now you know why I’m curvy. :D)

The original plan is to eat our lunch in Picnic Grove after our stop in Sky Ranch Tagaytay, where we rode the Sky Eye. Then, a man endorsed a package deal that will lead us to the ever gorgeous Taal Volcano. They, yeah I’m not included, agreed to go to Talisay, Batangas to have a boat ride to the volcano.

At first, I am not in favor of the re-route because I am not friends with boat. It is something that I really fear, but because majority’s decision wins, I go with them.

In the end, it is a trip that I would never forget as it is an educational, tiring but fun-filled first time experience.

It is educational because we have learned the truth behind the common misconception about Taal. This photo will explain what I am saying… (This photo is not mine.) This is a basic truth that I have not learned even in college.

Second, it is also my first time to go in such a long boat ride. (Note that the waves are quite big even its just a lake.) With my three boys and the glowing-in-the-dark life vest, I felt safe. Though I screamed a lot especially when the water comes to life. (The fact that I got a hoarse voice after the trip proves how stressed my vocal chords are because of this boat ride.)

Finally, the trip and the trekking was worth it because for the first time after our 2008 graduation, I was able to bond with my Diamond classmates and well, super friends. (Especially my dearest Megumi.) The almost two hours of walk is worth it not just because of the beauty of Taal crater. Trekking becomes a fun though excruciating experience because we share a lot of laughter as we walked up to the volcano’s mouth. (The crater is indeed picturesque.)

The best thing about this is… I’ve experienced this awesome trip with my little doll shoes while my buddies worn out their new Keds, Adidas, Vans and Converse footwear. ♥☻☺


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