our shining moment: a haibun


A few days before this moment, online weather forecast reported not just rainfall but a thunderstorm. More than half of June was eaten by the summer sun, it should not be surprising if the Philippines’ monsoon is here to take its part of the pie. Still, palm to palm, my love and I send whispers every night before this day, asking for some sunshine.

I was not able to sleep that night, not because of nerves but because the camera crew and the makeup team have started to arrive as early as 2 o’clock in the morning. With surprise sighs, I watched the queen burning ball leaving its slumber, at 6 o’clock it has reached its full glory.

As my feet walk on the sand-aisle lined with baby’s breaths and asters, there were summer birds singing, some gentle waves crashing, but my favourite thing was his eyes, his Indian eyes, wet but smiling while waiting for me to reach him. I thank God for him, for this moment free of thunder and lightning.

Two lips utter vows
with glittered sea as witness—
tall, palm trees giggle.

©2020 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
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For dVerse Traditional writing – on a shining topic! 


39 thoughts on “our shining moment: a haibun”

  1. Oh my, is this the actual photo and details of your wedding? It’s so lovely and romantic…everything I’d ever wish for you, Sister ❤

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  2. WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! my eyes are glistening na with tears of joy, of love, and of the beautiful feeling that I have you. Thank youuuu na for writing this aking asawa.
    You were walking towards me, you looked so beautiful, and you were mine.

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  3. Absolutely stunning photo and stunning description of the time leading up to it….and the beautiful “sand aisle lined with baby’s breath and asters” …. so well written. But of course. It is written from the heart about a moment when your heart was exploding with love.
    And I love the haiku….traditional indeed with its hyphen that shifts the scene/attention — but relates to the scene as well. Great job on the traditional haiku!
    So very glad you posted to the prompt and thank you for sharing!

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    1. Awww. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I, too, adore the part you highlighted. And my heart is swelling knowing that I got the traditional haiku brief right! 😀 Gratitude for your lovely prompt which made me recall this joyful moment. I hope you are staying safe! ❤

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  4. I just sighed reading this. So beautiful and romantic. So much love–and laughter. I love the giggling palm trees.
    It sounds like a beautiful wedding. I don’t know you, so I have no idea when this took place, but thank you for sharing this lovely memory.

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    1. Thank you so much, Merril. Your reaction makes my heart swell with gladness. It happened last year and I thank God that we did the wedding last year. Can’t imagine what chaos we’ll see ourselves in if we planned a 2020 one. Really appreciate your visit here, Merril. Thank you.

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      1. I’m so glad your wedding was last year and not this year! I know one of my daughter’s college friends postponed hers. Congratulations then–you’re still pretty much a newlywed. We’ll be celebrating our 42nd anniversary this week.

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      2. Wow! 42 years! That’s awesome, Merril. If you won’t mind, what is the most important step one should take to keep that marriage long? 🙂 And I hope your daughter’s friend’s wedding will have a lovely wedding once they can!

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  5. The prose part of the haibun is open, smart, sentimental, and engaging. The poetic part is the same with added metaphors of the sea and the trees taking part in the ceremony. Well-done, sister! Much and more happiness to you both!

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