Fading Periods

No apologies, no regrets, not a single sorry, from the old mouth of the last man standing from the crew who ended the second world war.

Japan started the conflict, that was how the US closed it— with two exploding periods. Periods that bent the knees of the Land of the Rising Sun. Periods that marked how ending wars could be done.

Fading is the warning of the first nuke’s gravity. There might be more to come, oh, we’ll see. From one bloodshed to another, I wonder when will human lives weigh more than a bloody war.

A fragile new bud
tries to crack leftover snow—
men kill to survive.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

Inspired by this article.
For dVerse Haibun Monday — Peace Memorial.


28 thoughts on “Fading Periods”

  1. It’s chilling how we can justify the violence we inflict on each other. Your haibun illustrates this so clearly. I love the image one the first two lines of your haiku. Thank you, Reading Writer.


  2. Amazingness at its peak. The prose wrenches the heart. And then the haiku transcends you into a state of deep thoughts. So few words. So much said. This talent is so so rare in this world. Proud of you my love


  3. When will we ever learn that lives are more precious than a war? I think we may never learn. Love your response and your haiku of that fragille bud. Thanks for sharing.


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