On Continuity


what is there
for you to see?
Will there be
a bubbly bee—
bringer of
yet with bite,
oh, so feisty.


what is there
for you to seek?
Is there a
bullet-size hole
where some light
will somehow leak—
to free the words
you cannot speak?


Moving forward
is divine; giving up
is a landmine.
Once you step
on it— boom!

All is gone.

Your remnants
will then
go back to one.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

In response to dVerse MTB: Punctuation and enjambment in poetry.

39 thoughts on “On Continuity”

  1. Someone is on a roll! The way the words flowed in it are insanely commendable. And even more commendable is how you thought it all. Your brain is something else. Actually, I feel these are not products of the brain. Art comes directly from God, and this is God Himself doing the honors through you. Cannot be more prouder


  2. Exactly this is the way I want it to be used, love the way you wrote it almost starting as a nursery rhyme with both the counting and the rhymes. I think the movement in the poem is a great way to show the movement needed. Sometimes there is just no way back.


  3. Wonderful writing. It’s like a children’s chant and game, but the ending and true message is grim, but maybe the children don’t know that. Like Ring around the Rose. Or Dr Seuss turned upside down. Great stuff.


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