back and forth

sometimes i am a relentless, untiring, wave ebbing and flowing to the shore, back and forth, back and forth. but today i am transforming and evaporating from the sea to the sky, yes, i have surrendered and turned myself into a possessive sun. kindness and attention are now my rays that i won't let you kiss and have… Continue reading back and forth

Still in Storm

inside the dark eye of the strong storm inside filled with swirling and turning and unending to do's, to make, to finish, to see, to hear, to read, to write, my tired eyes, my tired mind, my tired heart, sssssh. be still. be still. — 04.25.2017 ©2017 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo via Unsplash… Continue reading Still in Storm

Have Your Ever

Have you ever felt like a cold stone diving into a chilling tears-made ocean but no one's noticing? Have you ever felt like a tight-tied tongue begging to spit words that stung? Have your ever felt like a hollow shell slowly sinking in sand but no one's seeing its fading, waving hand? Have you ever felt like a dried leaf flying… Continue reading Have Your Ever