time zones

giggles of sparrows
no longer echo
inside the cave
of my ears

before the kraa kraa
of your crows
disrupt your evening’s
fiction dreams.

Yet what a gift
that despite
our clock’s
different schemes

your early
and my early
daily meet
in between.

©2018 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo via Unsplash

For dVerse Quadrille 67— Early

59 thoughts on “time zones”

  1. Being well acquainted with time zones and jet lag I identify with the voice here. It’s all very good but the two times meeting in the middle speaks to me of effort to make the time zone valley work. And if I missed it, it spoke to me. Good job. Thanks for writing so true.

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  2. Love the juxtaposition of the sparrows’ giggles and the crows’ kraa kraa – very effective sound effects. This could be dVerse poets with our ‘clock’s different schemes’. I love the final stanza!

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  3. One of the best I have read from you. The beauty of this is simplicity. With a constraint of 44 words, the magic that you have woven for me brings me down to happy tears. Our clocks might have different schemes, but they beat in the same rhythm, the rhythm of our love :*

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      1. I am so so so much happy when you are around. 😊😊😊 thank you so much for coming back. 😘😘😘 I am working double job now sissy. God has been good by sustaining me with strength. How about my beloved sissy?


      2. Oh my goodness, Sister–2 jobs!! I will be praying extra for your strength and peace. Do you have time for emails? Probably not, haha! I have things to share–but not in comment box. However, I’ve begun preparations for the holiday season–I made a beautiful seashell and bead Christmas wreath. I’ve never been good at “crafts”, but this turned out so well–I’m really pleased!! 🙂 LOVE YOU MUCHLY!!! ❤

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      3. Yaaaaay for holidays preparation! Please email, sissy! Ill find time fkr you and Im excited to know more about you! 😊😊😊 i have the same email so just shoot me one, okay! 😊 thank you for the prayers! Hugs hugs


  4. You had me at “High pitched giggles of sparrows”. I like the way you found a common place of meeting within the distance, bringing normality and hope. I have lived the LDR and happy that we are now under the same roof. 🙂

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