Word-High July: Tinatangi



Once I loved the sun,
and how it paints the sky
when it sets and rises.
And then you came
my only one,
and dull sun shines
with your blinding presence.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: BuzzFeed, Unsplash

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Day 3 – Tinatangi.

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65 thoughts on “Word-High July: Tinatangi”

  1. Inspiration and attraction. Hard on the sun though good for love. This is how it all feels, no doubt.

    It’s seven hours or so ’til my July 3. You are well into yours, and I hope it’s been so pleasurable so far.

    Lovely work here, sister!

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    1. Thank you, brother! I am not sure but i am fascinated with the sun and how it paints the sky. 😀 so i had to relate it into another fascinating thing, which is love. 😉

      Thank you, brother! Weekends are the best!

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      1. yeah. for this weekend no rest. i had to do sideline because i have to pay for sister’s tuition on August and I have a couple of thousand to save.


      2. Oh my, sister–I so wish I could help in a real way…still asking God about it 🙂 He’ll come through for you, don’t you doubt it! <3<3<3

        I'm closing up shop for the night, see you later–much love, xxoo

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  2. This one has a bit of a Shakespearean feel, but is still clearly your own. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling. It’s a bit of an overcast morning here, but you brightened it! =D

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