WRITING 201: To the Holder of my life’s map

I know you since I'm three or two You know life’s hell that I’ve been through Up, down, and up again Rollercoaster life feels like I’m in vain - Surrender, that’s what I did As I sink in the sea of grief My dream is dead, I said to self As I smell my failure’s… Continue reading WRITING 201: To the Holder of my life’s map

WRITING 201: Perfectly Unique, Imperfectly Regal

They say fat is ugly, but too skinny is not also pretty They say short is unattractive, but too tall is considered a bit gigantic. Is there really a way to be called lovely? We are created equal, so let’s not be too visual. Attitude and heart truly matters, because actions go beyond any physical… Continue reading WRITING 201: Perfectly Unique, Imperfectly Regal