Thank You Note

Thank You Note: A Senryu

Thank you dear buses
for letting me write musings
and of course Senryu.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Unsplash

P.S. I will miss you, bus-inspired ideas.

I hope even without my hour-long bus ride, my mind will still churn more, and let me write. ❤

WRITING 101: Spaceless

Writing starts in your heart, proceeds in your mind and ends in your hands. – rosemawrites

A writer without a laptop

will still be able to write.

As long as there are words

that can either bite or delight.

Whenever, wherever

no one can block.

A heart, mind and hand

with ideas that can’t be stocked.

Because no space is needed

once ideas are seeded.

And no clutter will matter

to a true-blue writer.


I’ve been out of the blogging world this weekend and I am glad that I did not miss any Blogging University’s WRITING 101 assignment.

This post is my response on today’s task:

Day 6: The space to write

Where do you write? Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop? Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization? Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting?

Consider these questions to shape your post:

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?


Here’s a poll that I would like to hear your thoughts about: