Love-Sealed Letters

Love-Sealed Letters War took you from my arms to battle field, you remained through your letters kiss-and-love-sealed, until they stopped arriving. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Kirsty TG  In response to Sonya of Only 100 Words‘ Three Line Tales Week Sixteen. If you want to join, here are the simple rules: Write three lines inspired by the… Continue reading Love-Sealed Letters

Final Photo

There's something missing. After a slow thorough scan of our almost-two-decade house---"Mom!!!" The last photo dad has captured before he turned into unrecognisable pieces, is missing! I grew old admiring that heartfelt, solitary moment between the soldier and his dog. Now it's missing! "What happened!?" "Dad's final shot is missing, Mom!!!" "No, son. It isn't. I took… Continue reading Final Photo

Two Wives

Five decades after the war, I am now here to do your final request. It was never your intention to release those bombs. Chief said no one will be killed. But a week after you did your first mission, you read more than a thousand lives were shattered. It haunted you. Just five months after… Continue reading Two Wives

Plea to Mourn

Mourn. For all souls lost. Either shot or blown apart, either criminal or civialian, either innocent or terrorist, 'cause they’re all humans. - Mourn. For all lives altered by war. Children who grow old without parents. Parents who buried their own child. Fiancee who was not able to say ‘I do’. Soldiers who were not… Continue reading Plea to Mourn

Monday Musings: Why humans kill each other?

I was savoring my reading-in-bed-time last Saturday when my sister suddenly asked, “What’s with #PrayforParis?” With today’s social media prevalence, news can now reach anyone at full speed. Gone were the days when you have to wait for snail mails to know that your fourth-generation cousin is getting married. Gone were the days when today’s… Continue reading Monday Musings: Why humans kill each other?