Quick Coffee Date!

Rushing and rushing because the days are turning, turning as the sun keeps on shining and setting!

Would you like to seat for a few minutes and take some needed breather and talk, of course, have tea or coffee or beer with me! 😀

So September ended swiftly and there are not scarlet and almost bare trees! (Blessed are those witnessing the beauty of the fall! :D)


Here is my corner, I was able to do this month:

  • Post my throwback posts!😀 And I am thrilled that you love them especially my fictional series! ❤
  • Participate in blogging prompts especially dVerse Poets Pub, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Three Line Tales!


This month will be extra busy because I have a big event in my work. So… my plans are:

I am not sure if I will still be able to participate with my favorite prompts but I will try! 🙂


The book is still, sadly, in its editing phase! BUT I was able to talk to a potential artist, a fellow Filipina, who will do the cover. ❤

I will also be unveiling the title anytime soon! ❤

By the way, please do get a copy of two of my best of friends here on WordPress who are both EPICALLY talented novelists! Their books are:

I pray for a terrific October for everyone! If you want to share your plans with me, please do so! 🙂

Sending some love from me to you! ❤



Monthly Coffee Date

Cheeeeeeers to a productive July, everyone! 😀 Whew!

I am still trying to rest my ink-stained finger (yeah, you know that is not true), while I write this coffee break post because what is more calming than smelling the strong scent of caffeine and tasting its bitterness invading your thirsty tongue… Okay, enough. 😀

Please take your seat now, let’s toast, and begin this coffee date. ❤

Fun-filled Wordy July

Banner 1

Most, if not all, of you knew that me and my dearie Maria of Doodles and Scribbles hosted this month our very first writing/blogging challenge titled Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!

I learned hosting an event is actually tedious and tiring. BUT most of all I figured it is WORTH it! 🙂 I have come across great writers and poets who have flawlessly drawn inspiration from the 30 Filipino words. ALL of their takes are impeccable!

I can say a lot but one word, I think is enough. For them, I want to say SALAMAT. ❤

A Reading Writer has also featured 30 beautiful new words (new to me) from Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies. Thank you again dear S, for introducing me to them! ❤

A Bit Calmer August

So after a packed month, A Reading Writer will now be back to its regular programming. But not really back. 😦

In as much as I wanted to write for the regular weekly prompts that I do, job tasks have been at their peak currently and I am bracing for more next month. So for now, here are my non-ambitious plans for next month:

  • Resume writing for:
  1. Wednesday – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer
  2. Thursday – Three Line Tales
  3. Friday – Friday Fictioneers
  • Publish the free verse poems I have written and stocked in a Word doc since February. (Stocks are piling up. :D)
  • Post 2016 Reading Challenge update and Book Reviews. (I have 18 pending reviews. Geez.)
  • Write more collabs if someone wants to. 😀

Major Announcement

Last but not the least is that I want to tell you guys that A Reading Writer now has a Facebook page!!! 😀 (Am I too excited? HAHA)

It is still almost bare but I will appreciate you dropping by! It’s address is at: https://www.facebook.com/areadingwriter.

Thank you everyone and may we all have a GREAT August!


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Coffee Break for June

Summer is done, raindrops are here. So lemme share another cuppa coffee with you! ❤

Productive May

Thank you to somehow a peaceful work-month, May has been quite productive for me. I was able to:

…and most importantly, I was able to join and finish May Book Prompts –  by Sarah Doughty and MahWrites.

Aside from the lovely novel-prompts Sarah Doughty allowed me to use this month, I am more than grateful of knowing a RARE author like her. She has several nearly 5-star-averaged-books on her sleeves such as:

…but she is so lovely, so humble, and so inspiring. She is a gem and I am glad to know her. ❤

After a very active May… here comes a…

Silent June

I am hoping and praying for a work-related-blessing this month… and I am also moving to a new apartment. Things might get busy… and I am also trying to avoid writer’s block.. with these reasons, I am taking a break with writing prompts.

This is just a month-break and I will surely be back. But before that, I want to thank prompt-hosts Alastair ForbesPriceless JoySonya, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and La duchesse d’Erat! ❤

So… will I be completely out? Of course NOT! 😀

I still have two plans this month… and these are:

  • More collabs with my dear Mel, and with other writers too! (hopefully)
  • Post the free verse poems I have written and stocked in a Word doc since February.😀

I hope to still see you around, my lovely writing mates! 🙂 ❤



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April & May in a Cup of Coffee

Because this week has been gentle to me, please share another cup of coffee with me.

I would apologize, first, because this might be a long talk. (I honestly avoid to write long poems and fictions because I don’t want readers to skim through my words. I want them to read them.) But I guess this update might be long so sorry, and please let’s start. 🙂

Thanks, April!

April has been great! With NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge at hand, I have flexed my brain’s muscles as early as February! Sadly, I was not able to finish these two challenges on time! 😦 BUT I learned that my OCD attitude towards blogging and writing has its perks, too.

It was last week of February when my muse and I planned that we’ll take the A to Z Challenge. We agreed that our theme would be Poetry from A to Z! Because I really tend to over think and overdo things, I’m done writing my A to Z poems by the end of March’s first week. They are all scheduled during the second week of April. (Excited, eh?)

Incidentally, it was second week of April when my boss announced a company out-of-town. That’s when the blasts started. I am out from April 20 until April 24. Again, my OCD kicked-in and I am glad to have four beautiful seasonsonnets (written with my dear Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res) scheduled for NaPoWriMo during the said week. The vacation was fun! I had a blast, surely!

I planned to get back on regular blogging after the trip, but I didn’t. The second blast was louder and this time it’s chaotic. Office tasks and writing tasks piled up. I have no choice but to keep out of my WordPress home, which is honestly excruciating!

The one-week planned absence became almost two weeks. Thus, NaPoWriMo was left unfinished.

Nonetheless, I love April because it taught me that life and work happen. Like what lovely Annie once said, we are on WordPress when we can and there are times when we cannot. We need not to be hard on ourselves because readers will read, bloggers will blog, with or without us.

The best part is to have someone waiting for your comeback. 🙂 And thank you because YOU are one of mine.

Hello, May!

Dusting off the traces of busy April, here are my May plans!


I Have a Very Important Question

I am kinda shy to ask this.

I have checked how to’s online but I think I have to ask you first guys… hmmm… I am thinking of publishing a book. Not a full-length novel (yet), but a poetry book. I don’t know how… but I know it’s possible (somehow?).

You think I can do it? Please tell me how? ❤

Let’s have a coffee toast!

Thank you!



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Notice of Absence


Here is a bunch
of lovely tulips,
and a cup
of dark coffee.
Let’s have
a short date?
Please join me?

I just want
to say thanks
for reading
my poems
and posts.

I appreciate
your comments,
they warm my heart-
erase torments.

I just also
want to
let you know
I’d be out
starting today (GMT +8).
Though I have lots
of scheduled posts. 🙂

It’s not a must
but I’ll appreciate
if you’ll 
still make your
presence felt
while I am
absent. ❤

‘Cause I
will be back,
and that’s a

Photo credit: Brigitte Tohm