love in the time of coronavirus

Our love in the time of coronavirus is thousands of miles away, my tourist visa got cancelled before it sees the light of another Indian day, his feet are planted, prohibited to fly to Malaysia’s sky, because it is safer that way, in the end, perhaps, nation gates are needed to be locked to keep… Continue reading love in the time of coronavirus

excerpt 1: the vow

I remember how your photos would spark the poet in me, how your shots are like muses that breathed life to my poetry. How you sprinkled my poems with your kind words, generously. How in each exchange of message I’ve got to know the man behind the camera, the man so composed and so inspiring,… Continue reading excerpt 1: the vow

Two-Way Journey

Ours is a story that has never been easy; of me waiting for you, of you waiting for me, of me finding you, of you finding me, of me forgiving you, of you forgiving me. Yes, it has never been easy, yet I know ‘us’ is a worthy love story. — 04.05.2016 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading… Continue reading Two-Way Journey