Monday Musings: On friendship

Start the week with some wise words worth pondering. – rosemawrites Great Monday everyone! 😀 I have been absent for five days and yes, sadly I was not able to finish the amazing Writing 201 course. 😦 Work has been super busy since Wednesday... and I think will be busy for the coming days, too.… Continue reading Monday Musings: On friendship

2015 Reading Challenge Update: A BOOK WITH BAD REVIEWS 6/50

I thought it will be hard to look for a book with bad review that is worth reading but as I researched to complete my 2015 reading list, I was quite surprised that there are a lot of celebrated books that had a lot of negative criticisms before. One of which is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott… Continue reading 2015 Reading Challenge Update: A BOOK WITH BAD REVIEWS 6/50