After I tried living in that stinky city fogged with asthma-inducing smoke for two long years, I am finally back to my bucolic peaceful home. I regret leaving, because apparently no one noticed that I left, no one knew why I left. No one was able to figure out how I successfully chopped her into… Continue reading Homecoming

Bound by Life by Arpita Pramanick: Book Review

I hope it is better late than never. 🙂 Many months ago, Arpita of Scribbles@Arpita provided me a copy of her debut book titled Bound by Life. If I remember it right, she never asked for a review, I am the one who volunteered to give her one. I read her book for maybe a night or two,… Continue reading Bound by Life by Arpita Pramanick: Book Review

Forgotten: Photo Fiction

“Look! Isn’t it majestic?” “Come on, take my photo! Show the whole building!” “That’s the famous building? WOW!” With silent mouth and noisy mind, I silenced my screams of annoyance for these people. These trying hard, ignorant humans! I am sitting just across that majestic glass building, and no one bothered to look at me.… Continue reading Forgotten: Photo Fiction

Last Ride

NOTE: This is the last part of my 'Ride' short story series. For best the reading experience, please read Ride and Second Ride. ❤ I am ashamed of myself while he's laughing his heart out. This is always the scenario when our friends, our families and even our little kids recalled that fateful second ride. The… Continue reading Last Ride

Seasons: Epilogue

Note: This is the 'not-planned' fourth and last (promise) part of my short fiction series "Seasons". Please do read the first, second and third parts for better reading experience. 🙂 This epilogue is also inspired by 'Breathe Again' a song by Sara Bareilles. You can listen to it here. --- Warm wind’s blowing. Loud silence’s… Continue reading Seasons: Epilogue

Mirror: Vignettes for Writing 101

I'm an audience for decades now and no one knows I’m watching. --- 1945 “Ssshhh,” I whispered to myself. Hiding behind my wooden closet across my huge mirror, trembling with fear, I am finding it hard to breathe. “Please, Lord, don’t let them see me, please, oh please.”   2015 “You’re such a beautiful lass,”… Continue reading Mirror: Vignettes for Writing 101

Writing 101: Forever’s Ending

Today's the first day of my last day with you. I'm a bit confuse, though, because my heart's melancholic yet it's full of joy. Six decades, six decades and four years to be exact. That's how long we have been together. A lot asked how we remained committed for so long, how we kept the… Continue reading Writing 101: Forever’s Ending

WRITING 101: Seasons (FINALE)

NOTE: This is the FINALE of my original short story titled SEASONS. For a better reading experience, please read the first two parts first, Seasons and Season Part II. "This can't be," my mind whispers. But my heart and my senses know, it is him. When I finally look into his dark brown eyes, words ran out of… Continue reading WRITING 101: Seasons (FINALE)

WRITING 101: Seasons

My soul still search for you. For five long years, I was able to avoid this street. I was able to erase this area. I wanted to avoid you. I wanted to avoid us. Until my car stopped. It ceased to move, for reasons I don’t know. I guess it brought me here. To the corner we call our… Continue reading WRITING 101: Seasons