Forgotten: Photo Fiction

“Look! Isn’t it majestic?” “Come on, take my photo! Show the whole building!” “That’s the famous building? WOW!” With silent mouth and noisy mind, I silenced my screams of annoyance for these people. These trying hard, ignorant humans! I am sitting just across that majestic glass building, and no one bothered to look at me.… Continue reading Forgotten: Photo Fiction

30-Day Book Challenge: Day 22 – Least favourite plot device

Anniversaries can really make us nostalgic and sentimental. Because I am close to my blog’s first birthday, I would like to finish a book challenge that I have started last year. That is beckysblogs’ 30-Day Book Challenge. I have completed until Day 21 so now I’ll pick this awesome challenge at Day 22. Here it… Continue reading 30-Day Book Challenge: Day 22 – Least favourite plot device