Exploring Ilocos Sur: Inside Safari Gallery

My Ilocandia adventure was wrapped up last week. But because of a special request from my dearest Fun, here's another Ilocos-related post. This time, I am showing you the photos I captured inside Safari Gallery at Baluarte Zoo. Honestly, this place crept me out. I have necrophobia, extreme or irrational fear of death or dead bodies, and as I… Continue reading Exploring Ilocos Sur: Inside Safari Gallery

Exploring Ilocos Norte: Laoag Part 2

Let me take you to a joyride. Let’s discover the beauty of Ilocos Norte! NOTE: First four parts are here, here here and here! 😀 Buckle up and let's continue the rrrrride! 😀 After we have some lunch, we proceed to the highlight of our entire Ilocandia 2015 trip! And that is... The Dunes FYI: Paoay Sand… Continue reading Exploring Ilocos Norte: Laoag Part 2

The Beginning

Travelling is like a far-flung mystical village for me, when I was young. It seems true, but it seems imaginary, too. - Rosemawrites, Suitcase 2015 ended with a bang last year. Aside from the great food and good times brought by the holiday break, my vacation started early as I embarked in a journey that… Continue reading The Beginning

Proudly, Philippines

“It looks so great it seems I am not in the Philippines.” This is how Filipinos, a lot of them, described majestic views, breathtaking scape and pristine beaches in my humble little country. Some may say it’s fine. But for me, it isn’t. It is, for me, almost synonymous to saying that the Philippines is the… Continue reading Proudly, Philippines