Inside My Suitcase-Heart: A Double Acrostic*

Who's inside my suitcase-heart? It's for you to find out. ❤ Inside My Suitcase-Heart: A Double Acrostic* Mind’s amazed with Taj yet I don’t want to let grandiose acts obscure essence of love. Vivid sincere acts that sweep, enough, ‘cause my heart’s easy to reach. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Pixabay… Continue reading Inside My Suitcase-Heart: A Double Acrostic*

Awake: An Aubade

Awake: An Aubade ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer Glistening warm golden sun rays kisses my outer dermis lightly in haste, whispers bright luna has bid goodbye, bringing with her glitters of her sky. Glistening warm golden sun rays, tries to dust off my epic dream's haze, tickles the locked gates of my eyes, waits for my sweet morning "hi".… Continue reading Awake: An Aubade

Two Wives

Five decades after the war, I am now here to do your final request. It was never your intention to release those bombs. Chief said no one will be killed. But a week after you did your first mission, you read more than a thousand lives were shattered. It haunted you. Just five months after… Continue reading Two Wives

The Hottest Guitarist

Memories came rushing as I slowly unpin the burning guitar poster that has been in my room since I was twelve. I can hear her playful chuckle, I can see her bright eyes, I can smell her innocent sweet scent, when I unrolled her first 'monthsary' gift for me. "Cause you are the hottest guitarist," she… Continue reading The Hottest Guitarist

The Wake

I should be sad after the call has ended, but I am not, surely not. “Your father is dead.” ‘Oh’, is the only word I was able to say. “His remains will be at the Grace Baptist Church starting tonight.” “Okay.” “Will you be there?” “I might.” “We hope to see you.” “I will try.… Continue reading The Wake


Mom always says “don’t let the sun come down without patching things up and don’t forget to kiss or even say goodbye”. But last night was the worst argument that we had. For the first time in almost sixteen years of marriage, he slept on the sofa and went to his office without saying goodbye.… Continue reading Fleeting


Finally, my dear, we are able to step our feet in this old, culture-rich, beautiful country. It took as so many years to get here, a lot of low-paying sideline jobs, a lot of tiring graveyard shifts, a lot of painful tears and stinky sweat, just to fulfill our European-dream. Remember my love, that today is the… Continue reading Remember

First Poem

Between the two of us, I am the writer, you were the reader. - And then, came the surprise with yesterday’s sunrise. - An English poem you’ve written. - For the first time t’was my turn to listen. - Imperfect grammar, misspelled words, well, I don’t care, if subject agree with verbs. - All I… Continue reading First Poem