honest august

Come in, don’t be afraid, August, our blunt fists won’t bite your innocence, we just want you to please be honest, when can we taste the harvest of our last months’ chaos and mess? See, our nails are filled with dirt digging some seeds of winter hope to plant some spring fruit of faith, ourContinue reading “honest august”

come in, June

Come in. I am sorry for the lack of energy, would you like some lukewarm tea? Well, we are tired zombies, avoiding (or wait- ing) for the wind of death, we are suffocated not by the unseen killer but the cruel knee on our throat for centuries, (we chose to close our eyes on) well,Continue reading “come in, June”

hopping inside a wonderland

if i should have a chosen pet perhaps it will be a little bunny, (i once had one, but she died just after day one choked on a loaf bread my dumb 18-year-old mind foolishly fed it; rest in peace, mogu, i still feel sorry for what i did to you) running around my beige-tiledContinue reading “hopping inside a wonderland”