I have always been the good girl of the family. With an alcoholic brother, weed-addicted older sister and party-goer baby sister, mom and dad almost always say I am their hope, their only hope. I think I am until I saw you, talked to you, dated you, fallen for you. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer… Continue reading Rantipole


When your own mother did not desire to love you as her own daughter, it becomes harder to believe that someone can love you forever. Hence when men left me, my heart’s too numb to be bruised. Pain is really something my mind refused. Ever since I was that baby left outside an orphanage door,… Continue reading Redamancy


The burning ball seating proudly at the highest height, burns the stoned alley towards a home without a light. There a nameless man lives with no living thing but himself. Surrounded by less non-breathing things, to him was left. Once he was known as a dashing bachelor, until a deceitful woman snatched his valor. Now he lives… Continue reading Nelipot


It has always been my dream to become a writer, a journalist might be the proper term. To see my name in the prestigious by-line of the story that I wrote, would feel like I won a much-coveted Olympic gold. I never knew until college, that Nanay (mother) shares the same dream. I should've figured… Continue reading Ghost

Meat Pick

Who would be the next red meat on your white pale plate? Go, choose among us. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Annie Spratt Because I truly enjoy  Sonya of Only 100 Words Three Line Tales, I will be posting catch-up TLT for the three previous prompts that I missed! 🙂 And this one is for Three Line… Continue reading Meat Pick