Obsidian: An Ode You owned me like a volcano owning his magma. And when you erupted and excreted all of me, alone I cooled and become a new being. An obsidian with a frozen heart, bold and braver, fierce and better. Thanks to you, my former lover. — ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo… Continue reading Obsidian

Ode to Old-ies

Ode to Old-ies ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer Their crowns aren't made of gems that don't fade. Theirs are mix of greys and whites, no glitters, just wise lights. So as the dusk of dawn erases their minds wits, as their neurotic lawns be filled with dried twigs, to respect and love them we musn't forget,… Continue reading Ode to Old-ies

Dear Mitch Albom: A Ronsardian Ode*

Dear Mitch Albom: A Ronsardian Ode* A reader for delight that was once me, until I stumble upon your words that made me clearly see letters tremble. Tremble with meaning of life, death, beyond, overflow with truth humans must respond, touch hearts alive, old souls revived; your written words, I will always be fond. —… Continue reading Dear Mitch Albom: A Ronsardian Ode*

Birthday Band

Can you read my mind? I hope you can. From opposite face of earth's sphere maze, among billion blogs and gazillion word clogs, i found you you found me. I can't figure out how our chitchats sprout. I just remember how intimidated I was, 'cause your poems are flawless, no fuss. Is it because of… Continue reading Birthday Band

An Ode to Fun

An Ode to Fun T'was a usual Monday morning, until you gave me goosies without warning. After reading, your skeleton's story, I had no time to even fell sorry. 'Cause your talent in making me happy, is incomparable, oh so, surely. To roll on the floor I almost did, but there's no carpet, yes, you… Continue reading An Ode to Fun

WRITING 201: To the Holder of my life’s map

I know you since I'm three or two You know life’s hell that I’ve been through Up, down, and up again Rollercoaster life feels like I’m in vain - Surrender, that’s what I did As I sink in the sea of grief My dream is dead, I said to self As I smell my failure’s… Continue reading WRITING 201: To the Holder of my life’s map