Monday Musings: On friendship

Start the week with some wise words worth pondering. – rosemawrites Great Monday everyone! 😀 I have been absent for five days and yes, sadly I was not able to finish the amazing Writing 201 course. 😦 Work has been super busy since Wednesday... and I think will be busy for the coming days, too.… Continue reading Monday Musings: On friendship


Look back and thank those who recognized your efforts. - rosemawrites In my previous Blog-a-versary post, I expressed my gratitude to A Reading Writer's First Ten Followers! Now, let me thank all those awesome bloggers who have nominated me with encouraging BLOG AWARDS! These bloggers and these awards have made my blogging journey a worth-it experience. :D… Continue reading BLOG-A-VERSARY: Blog Awards

WRITING 101: Phases of Agony

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Mary Angelou #writing #quotes — Writer's Edit (@WritersEdit) September 10, 2015 // Let me tell you my writing journey, inspired by a quote the MOVED me. - rosemawrites August 28, 2014: Agony  It has been eight years since I dreamed of having my… Continue reading WRITING 101: Phases of Agony

BLOG-A-VERSARY: Agony turns into Bliss

After a year of taking that leap of faith to end my AGONY, now I feel pure BLISS. It was all worth it. - rosemawrites It was August 28, 2014 when I first published A READING WRITER's first post, Agony. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged… Continue reading BLOG-A-VERSARY: Agony turns into Bliss

Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award ~

I have been blogging for less than a month and here's another blog award nomination. My leap of courage towards blogging is indeed worth it. Thanks a lot smalltowncitygirls! You don't know how much this means to me. Please do check out her blog as well! The rules for this nomination are: You must thank the person who nominated… Continue reading Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award ~