song soup

take that cup, the china one, dusting inside the unlit cupboard. pour some notes of G and D, let your whisking fingers swirl, and swirl, in the key of C. see how the dancing strings strum this stew of melody. now let’s sprinkle, sprinkle, the lettered honey dripping from the flower inside your chest, restContinue reading “song soup”

Music Monday: Into The Deep

Your love is a flood and I’m Caught in the current of Your living waters It’s Your love, it’s Your love Your presence is a flood And I’m caught in the wonder You have taken me over You have won my heart Citipointe Live, Into the Deep Have a blessed week, beautiful souls! I’ll beContinue reading “Music Monday: Into The Deep”

WRITING 101: I write. I read. I listen.

I write because I read. I read because I write. This is my blog’s tagline because that’s me, A Reading Writer. In fact, this blog was born because of my love of writing and reading. So when I don’t write, I read. You may notice that aside from my daily Writing 101 posts, I alsoContinue reading “WRITING 101: I write. I read. I listen.”