sparrowed mornings

my palms can hold your hand at night, i wonder how they reached so many miles, combed some bay andthe west sea, with a floater. i am sure. probably. you have ten fingers butfelt like twenty in a piano. you ticklemy toes and make my heart flutterlike a feather from a cheerful sparrow. mornings. i… Continue reading sparrowed mornings

Savory: A Shanzi

Sun’s savory sunset and sunrise, have inspired poets, artists, painters. But they cannot beat you, darling for musing my mind. — Photo credit: Unsplash In response to OctPoWriMo 2016 by Morgan Dragonwillow‘s Day 17. — Shanzi is an invented verse form created by Andreas Gripp of London Ontario and found on Lawrencealot’s blog. The form is a kind of… Continue reading Savory: A Shanzi

Free Flow

Creative juices flowing, outpouring, unceasing, unyielding. I want to ask how, why, what, when and where. But I won't. ‘Cause I don’t even care. So, go flow, go show don’t slow. — 12.11.2015 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer Photo credit: Unsplash Originally written for Blogging University’s WRITING 101: Intro to Poetry Day 5 Assignment.