Funk Fixer

Today is our silver anniversary yet I know my wife thinks this day won’t bring anything special. Years after the economic crisis, my little art business is still trying to get up after a five-year continues fall. Simultaneously, our once in love hearts have been drifting apart. Love is essential, but money affects it in… Continue reading Funk Fixer

The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu*

The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu* *A senryu-series collaboration with Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res. Melinda, an eloquent poetess and a gifted fantasy writer, is the author of epic fantasy adventure Stars and Angel Sing. Visit her blog and take a thrilling journey as she takes you to the enchanted world of Shayari. Greed Money stacks tower, casting shadows that lengthen-- extend… Continue reading The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu*