Remember: A Rosemary*


Remember: A Rosemary*

If you will ask my heart, it will tell you
All that she wants is to remember you

Your warm morning breath that whispers sweet words
they were never absent, not even once
each tickles, makes my heartbeat jump and dance
I wish I remember hearing your words

Your tender touch that calms weary mind
they’re like sunrays that wakes my soul alive
each caress quiets the monsters inside
I wish your touch’s mem’ries  stay on my mind.

I want to remember all about you,
I want nothing else but.. Wait. Who are you?

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: HD Wallpaper

In response to Napowrimo Day 29. (yes, I’m catching up! :D)


Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on things you remember. Try to focus on specific details, and don’t worry about whether the memories are of important events, or are connected to each other. You could start by adopting Brainard’s uniform habit of starting every line with “I remember,” and then you could either cut out all the instances of “I remember,” or leave them all in, or leave just a few in. At any rate, hopefully you’ll wind up with a poem that is heavy on concrete detail, and which uses that detail as its connective tissue.

*Rosemary (Yes! A poetic form that’s almost exactly my name! :D)

The Rosemary is an invented verse form that uses envelope quatrains. It was introduced by Viola Berg.

The Rosemary is:

  • a poem in 12 lines, made up of a rhymed couplet, 2 envelope quatrains followed by a rhymed couplet.
  • metric, iambic pentameter.
  • rhymed aabccbdeedff.
  • L4,L5 and L8,L9 are indented.

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