Not Forgetful

Her eyes on the slow, old tram coming. Her hands inside the bag, checking the cold office keys, the leather notepad, the tattered coin purse, the thin phone, her essentials. Lucky day, no forgotten items today. Her ride to the office is about to arrive when a familiar face crossed her peripheral view. He has aged,… Continue reading Not Forgetful

Favorite Memory

Favorite Memory (Inspired by You Are A Memory by Message To Bears) You are just a memory. Well, my favorite one. But I am clearly, oh so done. I won’t let your betrayal define who I am. Not anymore. Not anymore. — 10.25.2016 ©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Unsplash In response to November… Continue reading Favorite Memory

Morning View

Awakened by the loud jeers, cheers of the playing boys outside, I slowly went out of bed. He’s standing just outside our bedroom door staring, waiting for me. He offered his hands with a weak smile. I smiled back and took his hand to his surprise. Outside, I gripped his hands tighter as my eyes… Continue reading Morning View

I Remember

I remember how the wind comb your long black hair as we climb our favourite hill. I remember how your eyes brighten up as I give you wild flowers--- your happy pills. I remember our favourite tree. It stood firm and proud. While our young love’s too mute to be loud. I remember our spot.… Continue reading I Remember

Remember: A Rosemary*

Remember: A Rosemary* If you will ask my heart, it will tell you All that she wants is to remember you Your warm morning breath that whispers sweet words they were never absent, not even once each tickles, makes my heartbeat jump and dance I wish I remember hearing your words Your tender touch that… Continue reading Remember: A Rosemary*

Heart’s Birth: A Haibun*

Fierce wind drops, noisy wind blows, flood water inside our house flows. My clumsy-self tries so hard to tie my only pair of shoe, I have to go to school, it's my sole due. School's our only hope, that's our home's breath. Family's in falling slope, quitting school means death. courageous heart was born with home's… Continue reading Heart’s Birth: A Haibun*

Final Photo

There's something missing. After a slow thorough scan of our almost-two-decade house---"Mom!!!" The last photo dad has captured before he turned into unrecognisable pieces, is missing! I grew old admiring that heartfelt, solitary moment between the soldier and his dog. Now it's missing! "What happened!?" "Dad's final shot is missing, Mom!!!" "No, son. It isn't. I took… Continue reading Final Photo

The Hottest Guitarist

Memories came rushing as I slowly unpin the burning guitar poster that has been in my room since I was twelve. I can hear her playful chuckle, I can see her bright eyes, I can smell her innocent sweet scent, when I unrolled her first 'monthsary' gift for me. "Cause you are the hottest guitarist," she… Continue reading The Hottest Guitarist

Nostalgic Tunes

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” ― E.Y. Harburg To my greatest delight, Laduchessederat's topic for The Great Book of Lists for this week is... MUSIC! ❤ And you all know that aside from quotes and books, I am surely obsessed with songs, too! 😀 What music is so intertwined with… Continue reading Nostalgic Tunes